All this wind is making me GRUMPY
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Saturday, April 29th
L  5:00am     H  11:00am
75°       Rubber: spring, vest or skin
@ 7:00am: SE 15   Later: SE 15-20
Canaveral 2 mile (41113)  
  groundswell... ESE   1.0ft 10.5sec
  windswell... ESE   3.9ft 9.1sec
Ft Pierce 4 mile (41114)  
  groundswell... ENE   1.0ft 11.1sec
  windswell... ENE   4.3ft 9.1sec

6:30am Visual...
Mostly waist-high
very bumpy, sloppy

Pier... Thigh/waist-high

PAFB-MelBch... Waist high, sum bigger peaks

... check The Wavecaster's report for the latest info.

Bob's Ratings for this morning (DP only)...
CB Pier SB rating... 1    
CB Pier LB rating... 3  
PAFB-MelBch SB rating... 3  
PAFB-MelBch LB rating... 3  

Forecast ... building windswell for next few days     Freeman

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Learning to surf?
Have more fun! Many parks and Streets in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral offer soft, fun waves ideal for learning and safety.
Novices should avoid the crowds and harder breaking waves at popularized spots such as 2nd Light, RCs and Sebastian Inlet.

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